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( Pictures taken in front of our company )

The time has come! Now skylines can be taken to the USA legally. Not only skylines, but the best of the best – skyline GT-R. The best ever built high performance sports car. Here you can check our stock list for the vehicles which can be imported into the USA this or next year:

Japan-partner stock list

1. Currently there are only three ways how to legally bring high performance Japanese sports cars into the US:

- The vehicle should be 25 years old or older (this is the easiest way of 3)

- The vehicle should be a model of a limited edition

- The vehicle must undergo a complicated and expensive procedure of being complied by a registered importer

2. Limited edition vehicles – little known loophole in bringing JDM (Japanese domestic models) and in particular Japanese high performance cars. The difficulty is in the availability of the limited edition models and consequently their price.

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3. Compliance by registered importers. A very complicated and costly process that requires professionals in all stages of purchasing, exporting, importing, local compliance and DOT registration. Not all vehicles can be complied since required costly technical testing cannot be positively conducted on all models made in Japan. All in all compliance by registered importers is long and very costly process that often ends in more fees and time that you were prepared for

1. The vehicle should be 25 year old or older – was relatively unknown way to import JDM into the USA up to now however with legendary and the most popular Nissan Skyline line up models turning 25 years old – made this way to be the fastest and least expensive process to bring JDM into the USA.

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( NISSAN SKYLINE BNR32 GT-R 25 years old but in excellent condition, pictures taken in our company )

The process of bringing 25 years old car into the USA is quite straightforward and least expensive of all. You will need from the Japanese exporter the following documents: 1. Export Certificate ( car title) 3. English Translation of Export Certificate 4. Invoice ( in English) 5. Bill of Lading (issued by the shipping company). These documents are sent to the customer via express mail and once the car arrives at the port you take them to either customs or custom agent in order to have your car custom cleared.

Up to now, it was a very costly process to import skyline into the USA however with r32 skyline models turning 25 years old and being eligible for 25 year old rule – it all changed to the favor of JDM fans.

R32 Nissan skyline models started being manufactured from August 1989. It means that now you can purchase one of the most legendary high performance car in Japan and legally import it into the USA. However… With the huge interest for R32 prices for JDM cars ready / legal for import into the USA went considerably up. Now it is the matter of the balance of the price and time you are willing to wait. Basically speaking in bulk numbers you are going to save around 30% on the purchasing cost, if you buy skyline that was manufactured let’s say in March or April of 1990. Time wise and quality wise, it is a lot easier to choose a good car that was manufactured in the first half of 1990 rather than at the end of 1989… If you go after skylines in the auctions which are ready to be shipped out Japan, then you do not have many choices since there are only few cars available on the market. You will need to put a top dollar and have less flexibility in other details (mileage, color and options)

Going after skylines made in 1990 will give you more flexibility with mileage, color and options in addition to a considerably lower purchasing price. So it is the matter of your preference: fast delivery against price and options flexibility. The choice is yours!

Japan Partner Inc has been exporting to the USA last 11 years. We mostly exported parts for high performance cars in 20 and 40 foot containers together with limited edition vehicles and cars which were 25 years old and older. This business is not new to us and we do have an optimized infrastructure for it.

Unlike most of the companies who can only buy and sell - we heavily invested into our facilities in order to make our company one stop shopping solution for everything that is related to automotive business. With our 17 year experience and extensive logistical support we can accommodate “Skyline to the USA” project and an efficient and professional way. Here is the list of what can be done for you in this respect:

You can choose from our stock (for cars ready or soon to be ready for import into the USA – please check our stock list at Japan-partner stock list ). We are one of the few companies who actually have stock on hand. There are many companies advertising skylines or other high performance cars but only few of them have those cars in stock.

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1. On order service: We can search for skyline or other vehicles based on both your budget and other details such as mileage, color, options and etc. We have a variety of well-established purchasing channels that we can effectively utilize in order to purchase a desired vehicle within your budget. With our “on order service” we will agree on total price including shipping to your closest port and there won’t be any hidden cost. You will have a clear understanding what you will be getting and for how much in total delivered to your port.

2. Pre-shipment inspection and maintenance. It is quite important to have your car properly checked before shipping. The vehicle is 25 years old and if anything needs to be serviced or replaced it is important to do here in Japan where parts and know-how is readily available. Japan partner Inc has over 11 years’ experience of maintenance and all range of repairs done to skylines of all generations. Upon your request we can inspection your vehicle and conduct any required work upon your request within the shortest period of time.

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3. International Logistics. We have shipped over 24,000 vehicles to 104 countries in the world and have a well-developed and optimized global logistical network. We can effectively deliver any type of cargo to any major port. Your vehicle can be shipped either by RORO (roll on / roll of – inside a car carrier) or 20/40 foot container. If you decide to ship in a container, then we can also load spare parts that you may need for maintenance for your business or private use. We can also time the shipping so you will receive your car just in time of its turning 25 years old.

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Our offices are open from from 9 am to 6pm local Japan time, from Monday to Friday. You are welcome either to send us email at info@japan-partner.com or call / skype our office during our office hours. Our professional team will do their best to find the car of your dream. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Nissan SKYLINE, 1992

Stock No: 35437, GT-R 4WD, 1992, 2600cc, 182200km

USD 38,400

Nissan SKYLINE, 1992

Stock No: 35596, GT-R 4WD, 1992, 2600cc, 173600km

USD 36,000

Tadano Crane, 1990

Stock No: 31765, , 1990, 0cc, 0km

USD 1,488